Flux: ‘a community of mutual support, discussion and growth’

As a young person I, like so many others, am in a constant state of struggle with this whole ‘growing up’ thing. Perhaps the aspect that is the hardest is finding and then maintaining a sense of identity and individuality in a world that is constantly changing around us.

This is where online communities such as Flux come in handy, providing a space online for young people to share their beliefs and experiences with others, something that I believe is absolutely necessary in our society.

Their mission statement:

Flux is a space for those of us who are trying to navigate the beginnings of adulthood to safely express our views and experiences on topics that affect our daily lives. Personal stories, reflections, political views—they all have a place here. This is a judgment-free zone for those of us working to figure out what it means to be a “grownup.”

I have now written a couple of pieces for the site, which you can read in part below and in full on the main site.

The Summer I Fell in Love With the World

A few years ago I’m not sure that anyone who knew me would have said I had an adventurous spirit; navigating high school as a teenage girl was more than enough adventure for me. But I think there comes a point for most people when a thirst is developed: a craving for something more than what you have at home, whatever that ‘more’ might entail.

For me, traveling was the answer. The summer of 2012 was the summer I left school, the summer I found myself in Japan living with a woman with whom I could only communicate in a variety of grunts and sounds due to the language barrier, the summer I slept on trains and buses and in parks, the summer I was recommended what became my favourite novels by people I met on the street, the summer I truly began my life.
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Easy Love

I fall in love every fifteen minutes. I can’t help it; I can’t wait at a traffic light to cross the street without falling in love with the girl standing on the opposite pavement, the way she struggles with the breeze to keep her hair tucked neatly behind her ears, or the way she hugs her books to her chest. Statistically speaking, during the hour-long walk to and from university, I will fall in love at least four times.

It’s not just people – though they are perhaps, with all their complexities, the easiest to fall in love with – on the same walk to class I could fall in love with a single lilac flower, determinedly standing in full bloom even after its siblings have been taken by the cold. I could fall in love with the way the clouds float effortlessly across the pale sky, or the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, or even an empty can rolling across the street.
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I would really encourage you to explore the site more thoroughly; every article is different and interesting in its own right, a reflection of the writers expressing their different world views and experiences. As someone who is deeply fascinated by humans as individuals I can’t recommend the site highly enough.

Visit their homepage here, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!
For more information about submissions, click here.

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