Creation in Two Parts

Lavender forests, the richness
of damp earth, and your
marzipan skin; sweet, sweet, sweet,
at the back of my throat.
Sunlight bathes you, moulds your limbs –
I watch you become. The glisten
is embedded in your eyes.
Magic floods you.

And I see your spine arch,
your chest thrown forward,
head thrown back,
mouth wide, eyes rolling,
screaming to the sky:
“Eat my flesh, drink my blood,
tell me that you love me.”

Half created,
your body shudders into existence
beneath my finger tips.

But lay down to sleep now, and
dream the dreams of angels.
Your breathing
and out,
and out.
Inhaling and exhaling
your lungs force Life to
settle, incorporeal but
undeniable, in your core.

And here you become Real,
finding meaning in nonsense,
truth in deception…
Swimming in the Unreal
we become ourselves.

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