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Boat Trip

Boarded the boat
on February 24th,
in the bitter cold morning,
the sun shining brightly.
And I stood on the deck
though the wind bit my cheeks,
though my eyes watered

In the afternoon
I stripped my socks from my feet,
let my toes turn blue
to match my lips,
dipped them
in the icy waves.
I closed my eyes,
felt the nervous water move
about my ankles,
blue on blue.

In the evening
the boat took to the sky,
and every blue darkened
between my fingers.
The orange fire of the sun,
burned ferociously on,
to light our way,
afraid that midnight might swallow us

But when night arrived,
and arrive it did,
it was tranquil;
a vast expanse of velvet,
soft to the touch.
My hand, outstretched,
through pools of starlight,
reached for silver dust
that swirled about my hair,
landed, luminous,
on my skin.

And we were swallowed whole,
but not by darkness;
instead, we sailed
through a halo of glimmering light,
as the moon rose,
huge and serene and shining,
before us,
with diamonds falling
from her eyes.

“Welcome home,” she said.
And, hand in hand,
we disembarked.

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