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Charcoal Tea Tree+Peppermint Soap

Moon Body Soaps

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This soap is on a mission to clear all the wrong in your life. Need a mood booster? The peppermint has you. Need to exfoliate your skin? The hardwood activated charcoal has you. Need a skin reset? The tea tree essential oil and aloe have you. Each handcrafted bar is approximately 2.8 oz. Due to the nature of hand made products, there may be slight variations.


Peppermint: Aids in destressing and boosts mood

Tea Tree: Soothes and rebalances skin

Activated Charcoal: Helps exfoliate and remove impurities

Aloe: Moisturizes and nourishes 


Coconut oil, Palm oil, Safflower oil, Glycerin, Aloe vera gel, Water, Lye, Sorbitol (moisturizer), Propylene glycol (from vegetable glycerin), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), Oat protein,  Tea tree essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Activated charcoal powder