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Coffee Soap

Moon Body Soaps

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There's something magical in having the aroma of freshly made coffee in the morning. This coffee soap will bring that magic into the shower with you! With skin loving oils and coffee grounds to naturally exfoliate your skin, it's a great start to the day! Best of all, it's scented with coffee essential oil for an authentic coffee fragrance. Clean, moisturized and smooth skin is the goal. So what are you waiting for? 

Each handcrafted bar is approximately 4.0-4.5 oz and prepared in small batches for high quality. Due to the nature of hand made products, slight variations may occur.


Coffee essential oil: Moisturizes skin and helps to uplift mood.

Coffee grounds: Exfoliates skin for softness and smoothness

Ingredients: Water, Organic and ethically sourced palm oil, Coconut oil, Safflower oil, Sodium hydroxide (lye), Olive oil, Sweet almond oil, Coffee grounds, Coffee essential oil